OLIVER DESIGN has been awarded the contract for the development of the Architectural Design of the new Cruise Ship PEACE BOAT ECOSHIP

  • The “Ecoship”, which is being developed by a Japanese NGO, is designed to be a ‘green’ transatlantic cruise ship, using 100% eco-energy. It is due to come into operation in 2020


The vessel, which is being developed by Japanese NGO Peace Boat, is intended to be the world’s most sustainable transatlantic cruise ship. The 55,000-tonne ship, with capacity for a thousand passengers, will come into operation in 2020. The exterior design takes its inspiration from the outline of a whale. One of the most exciting features consists of 10 large retractable sails on the upper deck developed in cooperation with Detlev Loell, an expert German designer on this field, housing solar panels which will provide power for the ship.

With its hybrid engines, wind turbines, mechanisms for optimising energy efficiency and an architecture based on the concept of biophilia –optimising the use of water, air and natural light– the ship is intended to set the trend for the shipbuilding of the future. Technical staff at OLIVER DESIGN will be working in close contact with a select international team comprising 30 eco-technology and shipbuilding engineers, scientists and theorists, to shape the vessel. The purpose is to create a ship that will be a flagship of sustainability not only for the cruise liner industry, but for shipping more generally.





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